20 g fresh GGkale= 2 g KaLOHAS (R)+

We do NOT have a Pill for every ill,

however, we do have a solution for people who encounter and need to control many a Lifestyle disease harassing daily life.

The nexus is our KaLOHAS® powder and flakes of the ancient type organic Danish curly kale –100% pure, freeze-dried and organic. KaLOHAS® bioactive greenkale powder holds inherent natural, plant protein, fibers, and bioactive compounds, vitamins, minerals – beneficial to your health.

All scientifically evidenced

Use functional KaLOHAS® in:  natural foods, drinks, supplements, sports nutrition, and beauty inside/out products. Bulk packed for industrial use or in handy portion sachets of 2 g  for easy use wherever, whenever

At the office/ picnics/hikes or sports

We believe that there is a  natural solution for every BODY.

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