For the best bites from Denmark

´off-road high quality food Specialties from Denmark direct to you and your customers....

made for your taste, your health and suitable for a good life

Who we are

Green Gourmet grows the special traditional type of Danish Curly Kale : Organic GreenKale and from this healthy type we produce and sell the , raw 100% pure natural freeze-dried Organic GreenKale Powders and Flakes  as ingredient for food & beverages – health nutritional products and cosmetics.

Packed in bulk or portion-packed in 2 g size – ready-to-use.

We export food specialties from producers in Denmark and EU

Fine Belgian Deli Pralinen – created by Filip Schroyen

Læsø Salt from Denmark

And other exquisite Specialties – Good for You

〇2g Kale Powder = 24g Fresh Kale Leaves〇

5 reasons to choose Green Gourmet GreenKale

  • Easy to use
  • For people conscious of what they eat
  • Plenty of tasty ways of use in (food, drinks) for real Value Added servings
  • Our special freeze-drying process ensures intake of max bioactive consittuents of the natural raw organic GreenKale plant
  • Beneficial health Effects supported by Scientific studies

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