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Ulla Andersen

🌱 Unveiling KaLOHAS Kale Powder's Impact on GLP-1 Induction

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September 3, 2023

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Kale, a nutritional powerhouse, has always been in the spotlight for its potential health benefits. Among its many virtues is its role in promoting the release of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), a hormone linked to reduced food intake, improved insulin resistance, and stable blood glucose levels. However, the effect of digestion on kale's bioactivity and the specific compounds responsible for GLP-1 induction have remained largely unexplored. Enter a recent study by Yuan Yue, a scientific analyst at Green Gourmet A/S, which delves into these intriguing aspects.

The study's premise was simple yet groundbreaking: does digestion enhance or diminish the effectiveness of KaLOHAS kale powder's ability to induce GLP-1? To answer this question, the researchers employed the INFOGEST in vitro digestion model, simulating the processes that kale undergoes in the oral, gastric, and intestinal phases within our bodies. A gram of KaLOHAS kale powder was subjected to this meticulous process, offering insights into how digestion impacts its bioactivity.

The results defied expectations. Contrary to the notion that digestion might weaken kale's bioactivity, it was discovered that the digestion process actually amplified KaLOHAS's effectiveness. The GLP-1 induction after digestion was an impressive 22 times higher compared to the control group, which underwent digestion without kale powder. This finding suggests that digestion might be a key factor in unlocking kale's bioactive potential.

Taking a deeper dive, the researchers singled out sinapic acids among kale's various bioactive compounds. These compounds displayed the most substantial changes before and after digestion. This observation led to a compelling hypothesis: sinapic acids could be the primary drivers behind kale's GLP-1 induction. To validate this theory, a comprehensive analysis compared KaLOHAS with six other global kale powder products.

The outcomes were striking. After digestion, KaLOHAS exhibited the most remarkable surge in sinapic acid levels compared to its counterparts. The increase ranged from 47% to a staggering 1608%, showcasing KaLOHAS's supremacy. This heightened sinapic acid content seemed to correlate with KaLOHAS's enhanced ability to induce GLP-1 production. The induction capacity was found to be 15% to 86% higher than other products, averaging at an impressive 54% increase.

What does this mean for the broader picture of nutritional science? These findings suggest that KaLOHAS kale powder could potentially play a crucial role in promoting GLP-1 secretion. This, in turn, could facilitate reduced food intake, improved insulin resistance, and stable blood glucose levels—essential factors in maintaining metabolic health.

While the study sheds light on the influence of digestion and sinapic acids, there's still much to uncover. The intricate mechanisms that drive sinapic acids' superior GLP-1 induction warrant further exploration. Moreover, investigating the long-term effects of KaLOHAS consumption on metabolic health could provide a deeper understanding of its potential benefits.

Studies like this not only highlight the remarkable capabilities of natural foods but also inspire us to look beyond the surface. As science advances, the intricate relationships between our bodies and the compounds found in nature's bounty continue to unfold. The KaLOHAS study opens new doors in the realm of nutrition, inviting us to consider the broader implications of what we consume.

In an era where health and well-being take center stage, every piece of the puzzle matters. KaLOHAS kale powder could potentially become a vital piece in that puzzle—a powerful tool in our journey toward improved metabolic health.

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Edited Ulla Andersen/Yuan Yue Green Gourmet.2023

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