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April 22, 2021
New product in collaboration with Vild Nord

"Creams, lotions and skin care products that are applied to the skin only have 20% the desired effect for healthy skin - 80% of the effect on the skin comes from your intake of food and beverages". - Dr.Howard MURAD, Father of modern Wellness Collagen Green Boost We are very pleased to reveal that from Monday […]

Læs Mere
March 11, 2021
The New Normal

 In pursuit of lifelong health – through  daily active actions is today’s trend. The fact that “it is never too late” still rules, however, the tendency of waiting to take active action until health problems are no longer in vogue. Only you are responsible for you. The interest in healthy lifestyle through balanced living, exercise […]

Læs Mere
February 18, 2021
KaLOHAS®- bioactive Greenkale powder shows good effects against lifestyle diseases.

Just before Christmas, the last patients who participated in the FFI project "Novel organic GGKale products for prevention of Obesity / Type 2 Diabetes" managed to complete the final tests at Aarhus University Hospital. All diabetes project participants have completed their diet intervention trials and are currently conducting blood plasma and data analyzes to be […]

Læs Mere
February 9, 2021
What is the value of your good health?

How much effort, time, and personal resources do we invest in keeping well and healthy – for most of us, too little and too late. At Green Gourmet, we believe in a natural solution for everyBODY Since 2015 we have examined and found way to make ancient Danish GreenKale into a functional, pure, simple, useful food […]

Læs Mere
is an innovative small company that, with awe, works and believes in the need to continue the ancestral proud traditions of using original, plant-based, functional raw materials in the treatment of today's natural lifestyle diseases.
Statutory statement: the statements contained herein are not considered health claims by the authorities. Users should conduct their own legal and suitability studies to ensure compliance with all national requirements. These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases


Telephone: +45 28 19 84 01
Address: Fyrrevaenget 13, 8920 Randers, Denmark

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