813 KaLOHAS+ bioactive greenkale flakes (30 g)


Organic KaLOHAS + kale flakes (6-8mm)

Packed loose in a bag

Zip-lock 30 g for use in food

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KaLOHAS + organic kale flakes produced in Denmark. The product is a convenient way to get many vitamins, minerals and functional nutrients.

The kale flakes are ideal for cooking. Explore our recipes here on the website and get inspired.

The advantages of the good Danish-produced organic kale:

  • Low in calories, high in fiber, low in fat and high in nutrients
  • High iron content High content of vitamins K – A and C
  • Stuffed with powerful antioxidants Anti-inflammatory effect
  • High calcium content

The Danish ECO certified KaLOHAS + are:

  • 100% pure
  • Without GMOs

KaLOHAS + is certified:

  • Organic – State Controlled
  • German Bio Siegel
  • Halal


Sales price: 60

Ingredients: 100% organic kale flakes

Content: 30 g

Packing: zip-lock

Country of origin: Denmark

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