KaLOHAS bioactive kale powder (120 g)


Organic KaLOHAS+ kale powder.

Loosely packed in zip-lock bag, 120 g.

For use in food and beverages. Ideal for smoothies

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KaLOHAS+ organic kale produced in Denmark.

Danish organic freeze-dried kale in portion sachets is a convenient way to get plenty of vitamins, minerals and functional nutrients every day.

2g freeze-dried organic kale = 24g fresh kale!

The benefits of good Danish-produced organic kale:

  • Low in calories, high in fiber, zero fat and packed with a good dose of nutrients
  • High iron content
  • High in vitamins K – A and C
  • Packed with powerful antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • High calcium content

The Danish OEKO-certified freeze-dried GREENKÅL -KaLOHAS is:

  • 100% pure
  • Non-GMO

KaLOHAS is certified:

  • Organic – State controlled
  • German Bio seal
  • Halal

Application suggestions:

  • Can be blended into smoothies with e.g. orange, ginger, lemon, fruit and berries or make your own blend that tastes good to you.
  • Sprinkle over e.g. breakfast porridge or yogurt
  • Mix with a glass of water, apple juice or milk. For approx. 25 ml, use ½ part of the bag (1g)

After use: fold the bag with a double seal and a paper clip and the kale is ready for the next day!


Retail price. retail price: 198

Ingredients: 100% organic kale powder (2 g KaLOHAS+ corresponds to 24 g fresh kale leaves):

Content: 100 g

Gasket: zip-lock

Country of origin: Denmark

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