KaLOHAS® – bioactive GreenKale is

The natural way to improved GLP-1- secretion in the human body.

At Green Gourmet we analyzed the GLP-1 secretion of 7 “Kale” powders offered internationally and found

*A: bars with different letters are statistically different (p < 0.05). B: All kale products differ from KaLOHAS+®, (***) p <  0.001. 

GLP-1 is a gut hormone released in response to foods. It can improve glycemic control by  stimulating insulin secretion and increasing insulin sensitivity23. It also enhances satiety and  delay gastric emptying, that will decrease food intake and lead to subsequent weight loss24, and  therefore improves glycemic control in T2D individuals23,24. Adequate doses of GLP-1 can restore the insulin response to normal in T2D patients25, thus it is considered as a potential  therapeutic agent for obesity and T2D, and synthetic GLP-1 agonists are already in use in  obesity and T2D therapy24

KaLOHAS+® as a functional food ingredient that shows promising effects on GLP-1 secretion,  enlightens a new opportunity to naturally reduce the risks of obesity and T2D and improve  their management via daily diet.  

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