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Katrine Rønn

Invest in your body and get ready for Summer 2022

Udgivet den
March 23, 2022





Your body is the only thing you are absolutely sure is going to follow you all your life. Therefore, it is also important that you take good care of it.

At Green Gourmet, we have a goal that health should not be complicated and difficult to achieve. And then it has to be natural. Today, one can quickly get lost in various health products and slimming products. It can be confusing to see through what you actually get when you have a product in hand.


KaLOHAS - a pure and honest product


A bowl with kale powder on a pink background

We have long known that kale is a very healthy vegetable. In fact, one of the healthiest vegetables you can find on the shelf here in Denmark. But the fresh kale is not necessarily the Danes' favorite vegetable when preparing a meal.

When we developed KaLOHAS®, it was with with the intention for kale to become a regular part of the Danes' everyday life. Our freeze-dried kale powder is organic and consists only of 100% pure kale, which is grown in northern Europe. And then it is a neutral but healthy ingredient for all kinds of meals!


Small adjustments, big changes

You can buy the KaLOHAS® portion pack in satchets, which can easily be added to everything you consume in your everyday life. So you do not have to make a big and drastic diet change. Instead, you can simply add a letter to your smoothie, water, coffee, yogurt, soup or stew. You name it.

When you add a letter KaLOHAS® to your portion, it becomes 2 g of freeze-dried kale richer. It may not sound like much, but since all the water has been removed, it equates to 24 g of fresh kale. You therefore automatically get a nice portion of vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins that you would otherwise have to chew your way through if you got the fresh form.

Invest in your body and achieve a weight loss before the summer of 2022

Kale is extremely rich in fiber, and therefore you get a greater feeling of satiety, which means that you do not get hungry for snacks during the day. You will therefore automatically have a reduced hunger, which will give results.

Your body will thank you for the extra nutrients you completely inadvertently enrich it with, and you will have a better relationship with your body over time.



March is the month when small hints begin to come that summer is approaching. The sun is peeking out and the rainy days are starting to start maybe counting on one hand a week.

It often sets thoughts in motion about the beach days that are in sight. Our best advice is to steer clear of the unhealthy quick cures, but instead make a smarter choice that will benefit you and your body in the long run.

If you drink / eat - 1 serving (2 g) KaLOHAS® - bioactive kale powder - every day from today, then you have the opportunity to become the best version of yourself before the end of May.

Are you convinced and ready to start your journey with KaLOHAS® to be ready for summer? See our offer here, where you get enough portions to be ready for the summer. Invest in your body and its health today.


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