KaLOHAS® BIG – 500 sachets

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?KaLOHAS powder consists of one simple ingredient: organic kale of the ancient type with Scandinavian origin – NO additives.
?Our original non-GMO kale is gently harvested and processed at a low temperature to preserve all bioactive compounds in the fresh kale.
♾️ The user options for KaLOHAS are endless. It can be added to all liquids and food portions. Hot and cold.
? We want to make the adaptation of KaLOHAS and the consumer’s lifestyle as simple as possible. That’s why we offer a solution where it is delivered conveniently packed in bags in portions of 2 g. Ready to use.
? KaLOHAS is produced by Green Gourmet. At Green Gourmet, we believe in using the plants’ natural defense system to boost the body’s metabolism.
? What makes KaLOHAS special? The processing of the kale at gentle temperatures ensures that the bioactive ingredients in natural kale are preserved. It takes longer this way, but in the end it makes the powder more nutritious.
? KaLOHAS balances intestinal health. The high level of fiber (41%) testifies to that. This can prevent bloating or loose movements.
?‍⚕️ We are pleased to present the game changer in the fight against health challenges such as weight control, prediabetes, LDL cholesterol, blood sugar levels and bone health.
? Scientific studies from collaborating Danish hospital universities document several beneficial effects when using KaLOHAS. Certified by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.
☀️ KaLOHAS enables the consumer to take control of several lifestyle challenges encountered during the lifelong health journey.
Organic KaLOHAS
Kalohas (=Kale for Living Organic Healthy and Sustainably) is packed in practical portions of 2 g. 100% pure, freeze-dried green kale powder.
Gives you a chance to serve essential health nutrition, vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds to yourself and your team/family/or clients in shape
anytime anywhere, every day, when you travel – or on the road
when there is no time to prepare vegetables for lunch or dinner
when you need more greens in your diet
when you want to live a healthy life
when you suffer from a period of stress/need energy/or want to improve your digestive system
Wrapped in aluminum foil for proper and complete protection
Carton with 500 portions
We recommend 2 g per day as standard (equivalent to 24 g of fresh kale leaves)
Read much more about the benefits of KaLOHAS here: https:


Nutrition facts
Per 100 g
312 kcal/1295 kJ
Total Fat of which
– saturates
– monosaturates
– polyunsaturates
7,3 g
0,8 g
0,5 g
2,0 g
Carbohydrates of which
16 g
5,5 g
41 g
25 g
0,08 g
Potassium K
2900 mg
1800 mg
480 mg
170 mg
Vitamin C
350 mg
Vitamin K1
9 essential amino acids (Isoleucine, leucine, lysine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, histidine)
(essential aminos NOT produced by human body) (non-essential aminos produced by human body)
10 non-essential (Glycine, alanine, tyrosine, serine, cysteine, proline, glutamine, glutamic acid, asparagine, aspartic acid, arginine
INGREDIENTS: 100 % pure GreenKale (brassica Oleracea var. Acephala convar Sabellica) Danish Curly Kale
Chemical Analysis: Organic – no pesticide residues
Microbiological Analysis: 3600 cfu
Storage: ambient temperature
Keepability: 3 years from packing date

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