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A Danish Based Company – Serving All Around the World

At Green Gourmet, we aim to make informed and well-researched guidelines as to how good health, with natural ingredients, can be achieved.

What we believe

At Green Gourmet we believe that achieving a healthy body should be easy, simple, and natural for everybody.

The Power of GreenKale

The truth is that your health is the most important thing of all and therefore it must be maintained – all your life.
That is why we have made it easier, more manageable, and natural to feel good – throughout our lives.

For several years, we have together with farmers, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, and other companies developed organic 100% pure natural plant-based nutritional products for you.

All with proven scientific evidence for the impact on health-related lifestyle issues; Kalohas GreenKale Powder is a powerhouse of nutrients.

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Invest in Your Health With Green Gourmet

Your physical as well as your mental health is important. The last year’s pandemic and development since has shown us that the immune system is an important part of the body’s natural defences, which we should all protect.

At Green Gourmet, we have a goal that health should be easy and simple – and then it must be natural. As a consumer, it can often be difficult to see what you actually get when you purchase health products.

At Green Gourmet, all our products are 100% pure and natural – there is no “small print”.

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