Red wine Rhubarb - Rheum RhaponticumSvendborg Wine-Rhubarb rising. The boom in farmer’s markets and farm-to-table restaurants has led to the revival of forgotten vegetables amongst others the Rhubarb. The pronounced tartness of the Rhubarb is a factor in its trendiness. It has the power of polarizing – it takes a lot of sweetness to make it palatable to many people – however, that has not stopped restaurateurs and mixologistst around the world from embracing it with gusto. There are more than 70 different sorts of rhubarb a vegetable originating in Russia and China, however, the delicate Svendborg Wine-Rhubarb you will only find grown in Denmark. It’s deep red, sweet and has a sharp tartness that call the attention of best chefs, pâtisiens and confiseurs around the world. In limited quantities this product is now available – for Japanese connaisseurs. Available fresh frozen, i.q.f – or as preserved Rhubarb Chutney and Compote – ready-to-use. Utilisation: chutneys, sauces, bakery, confisserie, sweets, ice-cream, smoothies, creative mixology in tea, drinks, champagne Products Item No. 250 Organic Rhubarb Chutney Item No. 251Organic Rhubarb Compote – (marmelade)