Conceived as a declaration of love for modern aquavit – organic  Schumacher Infusions by chef Dan Schumacher.


For centuries Danish people have enjoyed our snaps Aquavit – based on potato and caraway, however, modern SMØRREBRØD , delicate shell-fish, cheeses and afters need a more refined tastes for which reason  our wheat-based organic Infusion Snaps from 2008 based on Chili/Lemon made the beginning of a line of trendy Snaps Infusions utilized with modern light cuisine, but still based on Nordic – Danish ingredients – such as Fir buds, Elderflower, Apple , Blueberry, Cherry or Sloe.

Delicate Schumacher Infusions and vodka are  served with food in top-class restaurants in Copenhagen amongst others at NOMA, Geranium and in the top Cocktail-bars in central Copenhagen

Schumacher Blueberry Infusion 50 cl  – 38%

Blueberry InfusionNotes: Matured on dried blueberries, intense taste of blueberry, the fresh fruity full tasty sweetness of the berries makes this snaps perfect for : Cheeses, Game and Desserts


Schumacher’s Cherry Infusion 50 cl


Notes: Cherry infusion is matured on sour-cherry leaving a taste of sweet fruit and almond from the fruitpits.Accompanies chocolates ,cheeses and game dishes to perfection






Schumacher Fir Bud Infusion 50 cl – 38%

roedgranNotes: The taste reminds you of the smell of a pine wood on a hot summers day. Matured on buds from the Fir Tree – picked during the months of May/June at the organic Svanholm Estate in Denmark



Schumacher Elderflower 50 cl – 38%

vodkaNotes: Matured on elderflower – organic. Gentle, sweet, Danish summerevening – great for aperitifDesserts, Delicate fish dishes.


Schumacher Vodka 50 cl – 38%

vodkaNotes: This pure vodka distilled on wheat – filtered 4 times on carbon filters is the perfect accompaniment of delicate gourmet dishes – like INUIT salmon, Oysters, or other delicacies where you need undisturbed taste experience……….

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