Organic porridge-to-go

Instant porridge-small

Since 1972 AURION has been working to create balance between Nature and Mankind. Healthy nutritious products are made from bio-dynamic and organic raw grain products in respect of environmental conditions.

Organic Porridge-to-go

In 2014 the ”Instant-porridge-to-go” was launched
Oat/Spelt/Barley – topped with mulberry, almond,chia, apricot - instant to go
Glutenfree Oat/buckwheat- topped with almond, mulberry, blackcurrant, hiprose,chia - instant to go
Oat/spelt/barley - topped with dates, mulberry, hazelnut - instant to go
Glutenfree Oat buckwheat - topped with apple/chia/raspberry - instant to go

Simple in use
Add boiling water
Place lid on – and wait 3 minutes
Stir and add toping from the lid.