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new in our assortment

Some of the results of our market experiences and studies in Japan and Taiwan are now reflecting in our assortment of product lines since we started out one year ago.
For this reason we launch our new web.site – in Japanese and English including the updated product range. .

We focus on Organic, sustainable Superfoods offering a range of

Organic Chocolates, Criollo and Forasteras
Organic GreenKale Powder and Granulate, freeze-dried – for smoothies and cooking

Organic Energy bars – min 15% proteins

Organic Marmelades – mango, mandarine and rhubarb
Organic Alcohol – Schumacher’s Brandy and Liquor
Historic, crystalline Læsø Salt
Slowfood, Salmon and Caviar

produced by Danish family-owned sme’s treating nature’s abundancy and their personal craftsmanship with love and respect.

Such products we are offering to “thinking people” conscious about their personal health and the future of mother Nature.