Læsø Salt

Læsø Salt is unfiltered handcraft sea salt which has been used since ancient times in Læsø Island, Denmark. Groundwater that arrives south of the island is very salty. They boil it in a large pan, let it crystallize and hang it on the fireplace of the hut. This process of making Læsø Salt is using exactly the same technique from the 11th century.

The history of the Læsø Island´s sea salt begins with what was made by the monks of the medieval  who lived in Vitskøl. It began to produce 100 tons per year in 1481, it was a big industry in Denmark. At that time there were 1,700 factories, but due to the cutting of forests, we had to stop production in the 16th century.

Studies of archeologist proud to supply the original handcrafted middle-age salt to gourmands all over the world.

However, through the research by two archaeologists, Jens Vellev and Hans Langballe, we were able to find more than 1,000 salt plant sites. They kept researching about 20 sites out of 1,000 salt plant sites.
In the 1990’s, their studies developed into a move to resume the production of Læsø Island. Læsø Island Sea Salt which was able to be revived by municipalities, national museums, salt craftsman Poul Christensen, mayor Bent Hesthaven and 1,800 residents of Læsø still handcrafted and it is delivered to the gourmet throughout the world.


100% Pure SeaSalt “LÆSØ SEASALT


・Læsø Salt 60g/200g/500g/1000g

– cotton bag


・Læsø Salt 250g

-plastic bag

(for the strage in humid place)

salttest・Læsø Salt 10kg

-handcraft barrel/handcraft bushel

with Juniper Wood spoon

salt2・Læsø Salt 500g


salt5Danish handcraft ceramic for salt

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