INUIT slowfood – salmo salar smoked on heatherflowers

HedelyngIn the most Northern part of Denmark we found Klausen Fisk & Skaldyr making the price-winning Lyngrøget Laks – also called INUIT Laks. During a visit in Greenland chef and fish monger Mogens Klausen learnt about the traditional methods of the Inuits to smoke and preserve the fish when catches were abundant. There were no trees to make the smoking fast – so the Inuits utilized the Heather vegetations from the rocks. Thus they obtained a slow smoking at low temperature and the healthy juices of the fish stayed in the fish giving the final product a gentle and soft consistency  which along with the taste from the heatherflower forms a final product of pure indulgence.


Back in Denmark Mogens Klausen decided to make this product available – and after a long period  to construct the smoking oven – make tests, tests and some more tests he finally arrived at making the optimum of Danish slow-food smoked Lyngrøget Laks – offered to the selected  gourmands.

300 Danish traditional Inuit Salmon – slowfood


Danish Inuit Salmon – cold-smoked on heatherflower for more than 100 hours at very low temperature.  The perfect smoked salmon, with no additives, but seasalt and ingenuity.

Ultra-fresh Norwegian Salmon – trim excellent, handsalted, resting, tail-hung in special hand-built smoking ovens.

Smoked gently at low temperatures on heather-flower for minimum 100 hours under human surveillance 24/7. Resting and packed in vacuum. READY for the chef cuisinier


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