INUIT Salmon smoked slowly on Heather – Greenland tradition Slowfood

LYNGRØGET LAKS from Hune, Denmark


an extremely delicious and rare product destined for the gourmands of the World – the ultimate slowfood in Smoked Slowfood Salmon.

Having visited Greenland and tasted the traditional smoked slowfood fish in the most Northern villages, Mogens Klausen, fishmonger and chef decided to make the traditional Inuit slowfood Salmon based on the traditional methods of the inuits in Greenland.

First of all he had to construct a  smoking unit able to obtain the Cold smoke from the natural scarce vegetation in Cold areas.

The heather-flower proved to be perfect for the taste and the very  temperature needed to safeguard the natural juices of the fish meat.

Hand-salted, and smoked for 100 hours at very low temperature gave the Unique result which we are pleased to be able to bring to your tables.

Appreciated and served by the first Michelin chefs.





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