Traditional Greenland Style – slowfood – Hiddensfjord
Salmo Salar smoked on heather flowers

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300 Danish traditional Inuit Salmon - approx 1.6 - 1,8 kg whole side
301 Danish traditional Inuit FILET ROYALE - approx 5-800 g - loin only

Extremely delicious and rare product destined for the gourmands of the World - the ultimate slowfood in Smoked Slowfood Salmon. Having visited Greenland and tasted the traditional smoked slowfood fish in the most Northern villages, Mogens Klausen, fishmonger and chef Read more...

In the most Northern part of Denmark we found Klausen Fisk & Skaldyr making the price-winning Lyngrøget Laks - also called INUIT Laks. During a visit in Greenland chef and fish monger Mogens Klausen learnt about the traditional methods Read more...

Smoked Hiddensfjord Salmon
Available in fresh or frozen, vacuum packed in 100g/150g/200g/500g.

Danish Halibut
Available in fresh frozen, vacuum packed in 100g/150g/200g/500g.

Baerii Classic (Acipenser BaeriII)
The Siberian sturgeon is known for its sturdiness. Because of its adaptability it can be bred all over the World. We have chosen the most delicate Baerii caviar from Read more...

Oscietra Top Selection (Acipenser Gueldenstaedt II)
Oscietra means sturgeon in Russian. The name Oscietra refers specifically to the Russian sturgeon (Acipensen GueldenstaedtII) the exclusivity of which can be compared to Beluga Caviar. Oscietra Top Selection Caviar has a firm consistency and varies in colour from dark brow to Read more...

KORU Salmon Roe
Alaska Natives, large roe from wild salmon - also known as "salmon caviar" or "saviar" - are characterized by a flavor that evokes honey. These large translucent orbs of a beautiful bright orange Read more...

KORU Trout Roe
Our trout is farmed in similar conditions and in the same areas as wild trout, a preserved river fish on which Read more...