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The pancake package - organic and gluten-free pancake mix


NOTE! These pancakes are on offer as they stand for best before September 15, 2022.

You save DKK 42.55

Consists of organic brown rice flour, coconut sugar and KaLOHAS + bioactive kale and is therefore gluten free!


150 g kale / rice flour (1 pack Organic Waffle and Pancake Mix)

2 eggs

90-100 g of milk or water

20 g of oil or melted butter

  1. heat the pan or waffle iron
  2. Mix all ingredients in a bowla) (Waffles) when the waffle iron is hot, pour about 1 dl on and bake for 8-10 minutes (depending on instructions on the waffle iron)b) (Pancakes) pour 1 dl dough on the pan. When the dough bubbles, turn the pancake so it is baked on both sides and has a golden color.
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NOTE! These pancakes are on offer as they stand for best before September 15, 2022.

You save DKK 42.55

This pancake and waffle mix is ​​perfect for you who want a unique pancake experience. The pancakes have a very characteristic taste, as they are sweetened with coconut sugar. In addition, our mix contains our KaLOHAS® bioactive kale powder, which helps you get a lot of vitamins and nutrients without affecting the taste experience.

Perfect for you who want a cozy time with the family, and also perfect for people with gluten allergy, as our mix is ​​gluten-free, as the "flour" is made from whole brown rice grains.

At the team behind Green Gourmet, we are extra happy to pamper ourselves and those we love with the pancakes on the weekends, or on a gray day over the summer, when the day does not call for outdoor activities.

Are pancakes healthy?

Are pancakes healthy? When you make them with healthy ingredients, pancakes can be a healthy breakfast option. These healthy pancakes are made with whole grain brown rice, which has fiber to keep you full. They will not increase your blood sugar as pancakes made from universal flour can.

Best gluten-free pancakes?

Imported from Taiwan, we offer a ready-mix for the healthiest gluten-free pancake mix made from brown rice grains and Danish KaLOHAS® bioactive kale powder with added coconut sugar, which gives a sweet and characteristic taste - no additives

Buy today and get ready to have a party for family and friends!

What country do pancakes come from?

600 BC - The first recorded mention of pancakes dates back to ancient Greece and comes from a poet who described hot pancakes in one of his writings. 1100 AD Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) is becoming a traditional way to use dairy products before lending - the pancake breakfast is born.

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er et innovativt mindre selskab, der med ærefrygt, arbejder og tror på nødvendigheden af at videreføre forfædrenes stolte traditioner for anvendelse af oprindelige, plantebaserede, funktionelle råvarer i behandlingen af nutidens naturlige livsstilssygdomme.

Lovmæssig erklæring: erklæringerne indeholdt heri vurderes ikke som sundhedsanprisninger af myndighederne. Brugere bør foretage deres egne juridiske og egnethedsundersøgelser for at sikre, at alle nationale krav følges. Disse udsagn er ikke blevet evalueret af US Food and Drug Administration. Produkterne er ikke beregnet til at diagnosticere, helbrede eller forhindre sygdomme
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