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Ulla Andersen


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May 8, 2022

Are you tired of waking up still exhausted from the night before? 

Are you struggling with poor skin complexion and lacking self-confidence? 

You are certainly not alone. The question is how can we be our best selves with radiating skin and endless energy. 

And as we move into the summer months where everyone is out and about, you want to look and feel your best so you can enjoy the few months of lifegiving summer sun! ☀️ 

It all starts on the inside with what foods you are fueling your body with. 

Instead of chugging another iced coffee (that can mess with your hormones and actually trigger more fatigue) try another, better-for-you option: matcha.

KaLOHAS – BIOACTIVE GREENKALE is packed with beneficial antioxidants, minerals and bioactive compounds enabling your body and skin to shine.

Visit for further info and requirements. – good luck.

team Green Gourmet

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is an innovative small company that, with awe, works and believes in the need to continue the ancestral proud traditions of using original, plant-based, functional raw materials in the treatment of today's natural lifestyle diseases.
Statutory statement: the statements contained herein are not considered health claims by the authorities. Users should conduct their own legal and suitability studies to ensure compliance with all national requirements. These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases
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