Organic Dandelion Extract

Dandelion extract produced by Herrens Mark has been on the market since 1959. This is one of his most respected herbs for medicine.

Dandelion extract is known for strengthening liver, digestion and kidneys. It also helps to lower inflammation in the body and increase gall secretion.

Dandelion extract is produced without preservatives or alchohol  solely organic herbs (using entire plant : the leaves, flowers and roots) direct from the field.  Most significantly, it is refined using lactic acid fermentation containing  important lactic acid bacteria which support a balanced body and all around wellbeing. Dandelion extract has many health benefits.

Dandelion extract can be used for detox (min.3 months of use), strengthens digestion (effect after 3months of use/full effect after 6-9months of use). It also has a good effect on rheumatism and stabilizing effect the blood suger.

Suggestions: drink 30ml (1cup) - for health    60ml (2cups) in chronic condition